Our Mission 


The Queen City Sarcoidosis Foundation is dedicated to promoting awareness about Sarcoidosis.  Our awareness will be accomplished through education in the form of seminars, support groups, conferences, and benefit events to raise funds for sarcoidosis research while bridging the gap between the medical community and professionals who treat patients with sarcoidosis and the community-at-large who are unaware of its societal impact.


Our mission is to effect a heightened understanding of the debilitating effects of sarcoidosis and to stimulate the medical community to intensify efforts to find a cure for Sarcoidosis. This mission will be accomplished through education in the form of seminars, support groups, conferences, benefit events, grants, and other similar approaches.





Values Statement


Humility and empathy are important human characteristics.  We value the ability to remain humble while embarking upon the journey to raise awareness to sarcoidosis that will lead to a cure.  


We value humility and empathy as both personal and business assets, necessary to achieve our mission.  Therefore, we will strive to remain humble, not only as we embark upon this journey, but also as we travel the road to heightened awareness and medical discovery and breakthroughs.  We will remain empathetic to persons with Sarcoidosis, their families, and friends; and appreciative to those who support us through charitable and emotional means.






Vision Statement


Our vision is to bring enlightenment and relief to those who suffer from Sarcoidosis, as well as enlightenment to their families, friends, and others who support them.  We are on a journey to have Sarcoidosis recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act while implementing our vision on a day- to- day basis.


Moreover, our vision is to live in a world where the physical pain, emotional distress and the medical mysteries of Sarcoidosis, along with the many challenges it presents in day-to-day living, have been replaced with a cure for the disease.  On our journey to a cure we will enlighten and engage society, as we cultivate an understanding of Sarcoidosis, its effects on the person, family and friends, and the challenges it presents for daily living; and, we will develop relationships with those in the medical research community who support us in furtherance of our vision.


Queen City 
Sarcoidosis Foundation

Queen City Sarcoidosis Foundation as of 2015 is a 501 (c) (3)  non-profit organization. All copyright laws apply.


5009 Beatties Ford Road, Suite 107-245

Charlotte, NC 28216USA

Telephone : (828) 261-6331

Email : qcsf2012@gmail.com

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