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How the Sarcoidosis Foundation, Inc. All Began

The Co-founders of Queen City Sarcoidosis Foundation, Incorporated are Diana P. Nutter and Marian S. Frazier.  Both of them have sarcoidosis.  They know the pain, misery and debilitating effects of this incurable disease.


Marian Frazier, Chief Executive Officer of the organization, freely expresses her feelings about the effects of the disease on her.  On the other hand, she demonstrates a spirit of optimism and hope as she overcomes personal challenges and assures others with the disease that it is possible for them to enjoy themselves and live a successful life while suffering with sarcoidosis.   


When asked why she was taking on the challenge of creating and managing an organization that would focus on sarcoidosis awareness, leading an effort aimed at finding a cure, Ms. Frazier responded passionately, “I am living the life of a sarcoid sufferer.  To live with sarcoid is being in constant pain, visiting a growing number of medical specialists and health professionals, usually a minimum of twice a week.  It involves following an extensive and ever-changing regimen of medication, therapy, treatment and procedures.  It requires a great deal of strength and fortitude to go from day-to-day, dealing with the fact that any aspect of your life can change at virtually any moment – oftentimes, what the average person takes for granted”.  


It is the vision of Queen City Sarcoidosis Foundation, Incorporation to live in a world where the physical pain, emotional distress and the medical mysteries of Sarcoidosis, along with the many challenges it presents in day-to-day living, have been replaced with a cure for the disease.  The corporation envisions itself to be on a journey to a cure as it enlightens and engages society, as it cultivates an understanding of Sarcoidosis, its effects on an affected person, family and friends, and the challenges it presents for daily living; and, it plans to develop relationships with those in the medical research community who support the corporation in furtherance of its vision.